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Dr. Melissa Gratias

Coach, Consultant, Speaker

Dr. Gratias (pronounced “Gracious”) is an organizational psychologist and sought-after speaker known for her ability to inspire busy professionals with her practical time management tips, hard-hitting email interventions, and humorous insights into the psychology of workplace productivity.

Her seminars and keynote addresses are a hit with leaders, professional associations, corporate meetings, and any group that brings together overworked and stressed-out people.

Dr. Melissa Gratias was not born organized. She became organized through years of self-education and trial-and-error early in her career. Melissa graduated from Wake Forest University using a weekly calendar and eventually earned a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. But even more than her 15 years of corporate management experience, being a mother has taught her the importance of being organized, setting priorities, and balancing work and life.  Melissa decided that other businesspeople shouldn’t have to struggle with getting organized like she did, so in 2007 she became a productivity psychologist. Today, Dr. Gratias helps thousands of businesspeople nationwide maximize their effectiveness, balance their priorities, and generate outstanding results.


  • The Superhero Power of Setting Goals
  • The ROI of Time Management
  • The Psychology of Productivity