Ripple Effect Strategies | Joena Bartolini
A professional development firm that specializes in providing business professionals an array of events, training, and coaching opportunities.
Speakers, Consulting, Coaching, Content Development, Business Development, Team Building, Conference Strategy, Presentation Skills, Event Planning, Workshop Development
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Joena Bartolini

Consultant, Speaker

Joena Bartolini began her career in the financial industry in 2004. Her tenure with various firms has included both client facing and back office roles. As Ms. Bartolini progressed in her career, it became increasingly apparent to her that understanding and practicing proper business etiquette and professionalism standards is the great equalizer among professionals of varying socio-economic and educational backgrounds. In addition to her role as a banker, Ms. Bartolini has been a member of her firm’s adjunct faculty, where she developed and facilitates the Business Etiquette and Professionalism courses for both associates and interns. Ms. Bartolini holds a B.S. in Marketing and a M.S. in Management, Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, from the University of South Florida. She is attending the part-time Juris Doctor program at Stetson University College of Law.


  • Etiquette: Workplace, Social Media, Dining, & Travel
  • Professional Communication
  • Travel
  • Effective Networking
  • Personal Branding