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What is Your Ripple Strength?

26 Feb What is Your Ripple Strength?

Post-RipplesNo matter how small the act, you can have an impact on the world around you. You can drop a pebble on this side of the ocean and create a tsunami on the other end. Your “act” is most powerful when it is purposeful. Ripple Effect Strategies is focused on educating individuals and teams to achieve long term results. One person learns something new that they utilize in their professional or personal lives. The hope is that this small change, addition, or enhancement will affect their occupation, self esteem, and/or team environment, in turn, touching more lives. Success comes when we seek knowledge for ourselves or strive to keep our teams a cut above the others by offering professional development opportunities.

So now, how can you engage in these ripples? What can you learn, teach, share, and pass on?

How is your “Ripple Strength” measured?

  • In the talents you share – Everyone has something that they bring to the table. What type of team member are you and how do you contribute to the overall goals at work, in your community, and at home?
  • In the time you take – Mentoring others formally and informally matters. You grow as an individual by taking some time to contribute to the development of others. Our mentees become mentors to others and so it’s paid forward.
  • In the effort you put forth – Do you seek out new opportunities and share what you’ve learned? We are all works in progress. Our growth depends on seeking out new experiences, relationships, and training. Sharing what we have learned with others not only solidifies the moment for ourselves but starts the ripple.
  • In the amount of thoughtful intention – “Teachable moments” this is what good instructors look for with their students. As a leader in your community, your office, with your peers, looking for these moments that you can encourage and help someone to grow can be your teachable moment.

How you contribute to your development and the development of others is your “Ripple Strength”.

We challenge you to share with us your “Ripple Strength” so that we can measure how far ours has reached…..

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