Ripple Effect Strategies | Business Development for Asset Managers
A professional development firm that specializes in providing business professionals an array of events, training, and coaching opportunities.
Speakers, Consulting, Coaching, Content Development, Business Development, Team Building, Conference Strategy, Presentation Skills, Event Planning, Workshop Development
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Business Development for Asset Managers






Advisor Accessibility

Business Consultant/ Wholesaler Partnership Events

Team up with one of our experts to deliver a half or full day visit to top clients or most challenging prospects to offer presentations and one on one advisor/team coaching. Agenda could include a morning breakfast presentation, morning coaching appointments, a lunch presentation, afternoon coaching appointments. Wholesaler will simultaneously visit with individual advisors or teams while onsite. Benefits include increased loyalty, advanced networking opportunities and possibilities to solidify existing relationships.

Value Added Salesforce

Our goal is to provide your firm with a value added program to make your team the experts in various genres. Programs that will enable a wholesale team to educate their clients and prospects by offering their knowledge and expertise to support the advisors’ business. Wholesalers will be transformed into subject matter experts enabling them to gain increased credibility and trust with their clients and prospects.

Content Development for Sales & Marketing

Proven content on for relevant highly saught after topics in various formats for ease of inclusion to current marketing strategies. Webinars, Blogs, Articles and Whitepapers written by experts. Option for delivery included. Benefits include more time spent on revenue generating activities versus research.

Sample of a Value Add Package

(Topics dictate offerings and can be tailored to your needs.)

  • Train the Trainer workshops
  • # of Books per external wholesaler
  • One year access to a dedicated Online Learning Portal for wholesalers & their clients
  • One year lease content exclusively
  • Access to Expert for questions
  • Two – 60 minute coaching calls per external wholesaler
  • Follow-up webinar – 6 months from Train the Trainer program

The value that your salesforce will bring to their clients in terms of practice management support and efficiency in running their business will come back to them in strengthened relationships and loyalty. The additional benefits of partnership include programs and services that support your initiatives and allow for increased credibility for your salesforce to set them apart from their competition. To discuss options to enhance your business development strategy please contact us.