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A professional development firm that specializes in providing business professionals an array of events, training, and coaching opportunities.
Speakers, Consulting, Coaching, Content Development, Business Development, Team Building, Conference Strategy, Presentation Skills, Event Planning, Workshop Development
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The Ripple Effect of one of our programs allows for increased knowledge, awareness, and new opportunities for our clients.

Business Accelerator Program

The New Rules of Client Acquisition

This interactive, engaging and innovative program is designed to upgrade wealth management advisors’ ability to effectively communicate their value for today’s clients and prospects, clearly differentiate themselves, and attract ideal clients and gather more AUM, faster.

In This High-Content, Action-Oriented Event, Advisors Will Learn:

  • The Power of Segmentation and the Hidden Sweet Spot in an Advisor’s Book
  • Developing a compelling story for an online brand and its influence over ideal clients
  • Advisors’ biggest business asset: Their Online Network
  • Resources/services available to WOW clients with little effort

Advisors Will Gain The Following Skills:

  • Quickly reveal previously unknown, high quality, ideal prospects (CIOs)
  • Create warm lead lists in 30 seconds or less
  • Gain referrals & warm introductions with ease
  • Create memorable events with the best ROI
  • Deepen existing relationships & connect with next generation thru social listening/triggers
  • Continually shorten sales cycles, turn prospects into clients and make clients for life
  • Learn how to be more productive, have more fun, make more money and find more time

What’s Included in this Program

  • Sponsor Planning Session to Walk Thru the Entire Program & Benefits
  • Pre-Event Videos
  • Pre-Event Wholesaler Training
  • One-on-One Advisor Coaching (same day of the event)
  • A Copy of Neil’s Best-selling Book The Best Practices of Successful Financial Advisors
  • Approved LinkedIn Handouts & Scripts
  • Post-Event Webinar

Each program can be customized to meet the client’s needs


“Initially I was more of a passive LinkedIn participant. After learning how to leverage LinkedIn from Laura Virili I was able to source an introduction thru the Advanced Search feature which resulted in an $8M account! LinkedIn has jump-started my prospecting efforts. The power of this tool is incredible.” - Ron J. CIMA® SVP, Wealth Management Advisor
“What a keynote speaker! Neil Wood taught us how to gain more referrals, work our book of business, make more money, find more time and entertained us for an hour. I could have listened to him for two more hours!” - Sandy G., San Diego, CA

Additional testimonials are available


Laura Virili

Educating Advisors to Crush It Thru Social Selling

Laura Virili is considered to be at the forefront of Social Media. As a Wall Street
veteran she has worked directly with top producing Financial Advisors & Private Wealth Advisors for over 20 years. She simplifies social media by making it applicable to advisors business model by teaching them how to acquire new clients, deepen existing relationships and easily connect to the next generation, while understanding industry rules and regulations. No one has put together a more concise, easy-to implement program for the industry that allows advisors to get moving as quickly and successfully as possible to differentiate themselves from the competition and increase assets. To date, Laura’s clients have brought in $500M+ in net new assets as a result of her coaching.

RippleEffect-Speaker-NeilNeil Wood

Teaching advisors how to make more money, find more time and have more fun

Neil Wood has given more than 5,000 presentations to advisors in North America. He is a 29-year veteran in the financial services industry. Neil’s focus is on Best Practices that includes ideas to help salespeople implement Consultative Selling, communicate more effectively, gain more referrals, strengthen client relationships and retain more of their current clients and assets. He has studied successful people for nearly 40 years and what he has discovered among these “winners” is that they share several common denominators. They are passionate and very clear about their mission and their goals, are open-minded to successful ideas and understand the best, most worthwhile use of their time. They have also realized that small positive shifts in their habits produce exponential changes in their life. Neil shares these habits that the Best of the Best apply to their business and life.