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A professional development firm that specializes in providing business professionals an array of events, training, and coaching opportunities.
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Wade Younger

Consultant, Speaker

Wade is an accomplished author, speaker, consultant and CEO of The Value Wave, Fruition Performance Management, Portinar, and Youthapedia. He has written over 30 books and has made personal and organizational wellness his life’s work. Over the past 20 years Wade has given over 1,800 talks, and is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on organizational development and process improvement.

He is known for his approaches to difficult leadership issues. His stories and methods are about results and his research is documented in two major studies: “Structural Piloting,” and “The Internal Economy, A Market Approach. Younger has implemented Structural Piloting in several diverse corporate and public sector organizations. Wade has been committed to helping the world’s most prestigious companies improve their business with learning and development.

Most recently he created, The Value Wave. The Value Wave is a methodology that connects People Development, Business Processes, Change Management and Lean Six Sigma to drive results in all areas of a sustainable business. It is an Integrated Performance Improvement System. Wade is an expert on building and managing personal and work relationships that encourage peak performance, reduce stress, turnover, and support the achievement of personal and organizational goals.

He is an accredited project manager and Six Sigma practitioner and Scrum Master with experience developing solutions and managing implementation, methodologies, execution requirements, enterprise deployment plans, B2B project strategies and quality assurance. As a corporate speaker, Wade has been able to share vital information in the public sector and private industry. His audiences range from executives to volunteers and from upper management to front line people. His trademarks are his infectious enthusiasm, big smile and candor.


  • Business Processes
  • People Development
  • Project & Change Management
  • Six Sigma