Ripple Effect Strategies | Not Using a Tablet? Maybe You Should! – By Kevin Fisher, Tech Guru
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Not Using a Tablet? Maybe You Should! – By Kevin Fisher, Tech Guru

18 Jul Not Using a Tablet? Maybe You Should! – By Kevin Fisher, Tech Guru

Today, your communications portal, whether it be your phone or PC, has become something like a spousal or best friend relationship. So, no matter how our love/hate relationship is, we do spend an awful lot of time with them. And the more human, helpful and sharp they seem, the less likely you’re get on the crazy train and run over it on the track.

In addition to providing your vast amounts of information and computers have become our lifeline to friends and business associates via FaceBook, SnapChat, Instagram or kik (which is for the stealth kids on the down-low. Yes, mom and dad: that was a, not so, subtle clue). And while there are many of the social media apps are used on smart phones. Now that PCs have become the productivity mainstay that providing you with all of essential software to make you efficient. But, the peripheral rich PC has become bulky for growing business trends. At first the laptop has become the obvious replacement. They often can be too heavy to, say, run past four concourses of O’Hare and then place it on the Post-it® sized tray table in front of you. And that legroom that we used to have? Let’s not get started.

As the trends grow, the computer has started to shrink – in very good way: Here are just some good reasons to have a tablet

o Super portability keeps your load light.
o Remove the small wall barrier of the laptop screen when working with clients and colleagues.
o Long battery life: anywhere from 6-12 hours.
o Possible replacement for your PC or laptop.
o Electronic notetaking that uses your own handwriting.
o Use VPN to connect to your office network (dependent on your firm’s security policies).
o Prices vary from very low $100s for entry level to just under $1000’s for top of the line laptop replacement models.
o Most apps mirror those of their smartphone.
Unlike traditional laptops, tablets have an attractive all-in-one unit. The slim chassis of the tablets owe their design from the new innovative thin chipset and boom of the cloud availability and necessitating less onboard memory.

• So, if you are looking to upgrade, make the switch or whatever, bear this in mind:

o Do you your homework – start out with a “Wants and Needs” list for yourself and finish with a “Pros & Cons.”
o Don’t overly concentrate on price. Look at what you’re willing to sacrifice by meeting a lower price.
o Cell connectivity is a very nice feature, but it also comes with a price. If it is rare that you will need connectivity in places that do not offer wi-fi, check with your phone’s service provider and see if your plan allows your phone to be used as an internet hot spot. If so, you’ll be able to connect through your phone via the tablet’s wi-fi at no additional costs (depending on your plan).
o If you’re buying your tablet from a computer store, the blue shirt wearing charmer may be genuinely nice, but don’t be blinded by the Class of 2017 ring on his finger. But as honest as he may be, he or she is there in a sales capacity and might not understand your business model or day-to-day operations.
o Think about the warranty. iPad’s warranty is with Apple and Android offer’s in-store if you buy locally, however, Apple does make appointments at their store for repair. So, know what it’s worth and what they CAN fix. If you have never dropped a phone, say getting out of the car in your garage onto the concrete, turning your one screen into 50 little ones, then don’t let this be expensive karma.
o Get out there and touch them and take them for a spin (as much as you can without door alarms sounding out).

There is a lot to think about and many tablet users do become power users. It helps that you have the tablet that has the power you need. Like any of your pricier purchases, there are so many details that you’ll want to check off and so many areas to find information. Hopefully, this gives you a push in the right (or left) direction.

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